Any Jerk Can be a Social Media Strategist

In my ivory tower of social media criticism, I notice that social media practitioners rarely do everything they preach. I’m guilty of it. I follow more people than I can reasonably keep up with. I don’t engage and converse with the people I follow enough.  My content sometimes doesn’t provide any informative or entertainment value.

Anyone can be a social media strategist. If you’ve ever thought about how you will update Facebook for more than a minute, then you’re strategizing.  Welcome to the glamourous world of social media strategy.  Make sure you go get the uniform.  We can plan our next tweet while you put it on.

It’s easy to make a social media strategy.  The trouble is, some people are much better at it than others.  Whether that’s through innate talent and understanding of the human nature, or simply hard work, there is no requirement or certificate that confers any social media title on anyone (I’m looking at you, ninjas, gurus, and mavericks). There is no divine right to any title on the Internet. You earn the title by making content that kicks ass and then having your esteemed colleagues confer it onto you.

Any jerk with a dream and a Twitter account can be a social media strategist.  But without any serious thought, their strategy will be worth shit.  Don’t be a shitty social media strategist.  The good ones have enough crap to deal with already.

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