Social Media @ Work: Talking about Work

I like to follow the first two rules of Fight Club about talking about work in social media

  1. You do not talk about work in social media.
  2. You DO NOT talk about work in social media.

Well, darn Jay, those rules seem pretty harsh.  Why shouldn’t I talk about my job online?

You don’t want to get dooced (though that seemed to work out very well for her in the long run).  And whatever it is you do, it probably isn’t the best idea to share any of the details about it with the rest of humanity.  We all deal with our own horrors at work, the last thing we need are yours.

There are a lucky few who exist in a rare and amazing bubble where they can talk about certain parts of their jobs and work life online.  But those people are a select few and even then they are extremely limited in what they can talk about.  Often, their intent isn’t to share details, but generate new business, and they aren’t as personal as you might want to be.

So, what do the rest of us do to talk about work online?

Since we can’t talk about what pays the bills, we make work to talk about.  You happened to be reading the work I make for myself.  Other people have hobby blogs, or charity websites. These don’t pay the bills, but they keep the eyeballs on you.  They prove your ability to put something together, that you can write, and that you have a passion for something.

You may not be able to talk about exactly what work you do, but you can be creative and make a way to talk about what work you want to do.

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