Foursquare Burnout

I found out today I lost one of Foursquare Mayorships.  While my heart was saddened for the slightest of moments, I instead realized how little I am using Foursquare.

There’s a lot of potential in Foursquare.  But that’s all it is for me right now, potential.  Sure, it’s nice to know where my friends are and if they are nearby, but the area I live in is spread out far and wide.  It’s not as much fun as finding out people are several miles away, rather than several blocks.

Another reason I’m burned out is the Foursquare app itself.  I use the iPhone app on an iPhone 3G.  Maybe it’s faster on the 3Gs, but the load time is a bit tedious for me.  I understand there will always be some time delay in coordinating the GPS with satellites high in the sky, but I want to just check in quickly, with as few clicks as possible.  Is that so much to ask?  Maybe there is some mystical app that checks in as fast as possible, but I haven’t found that app.

Regardless of the speed of check-ins, I just don’t frequent most local places enough to get any type of decent deal.  I live in suburban hell, which means on every street corner is a Wendy’s or a McDonald’s, not the type of places that have Foursquare deals.  And really, what would be more embarrassing than being the mayor of a Wendy’s and a Starbucks?

So, I’m bored with it, and I don’t see the point in the long term.  How can I get the mayorship to a place if I’m not wasting my life in the same place daily and some other loser is checking in just a little bit more?  I’ll keep using it when I think it’s useful or fun, but virtual points, badges and mayorships just aren’t worth the hassle.

Keep your Awkward Foursquare Check-ins at Home

I have a lot of friends on Foursquare.  It could be the people I hang out with, but we’re all there, sharing where we’re going and who we’re with and what we are doing.

Sometimes, it gets out of hand though.

Recently, my friends have been more outlandish with where they are checking in.  I’m not naming any names, but I’ve started seeing people checking into tattoo parlors, strip clubs, and places for personal grooming.  While I am glad to know I am not the only one with a hairy seedy underbelly to my life, I don’t see the point of sharing this stuff with the entire world.  I don’t need to know when you are adding a tramp stamp, paying to see some young ladies tramp stamp, or removing the hair off your tramp stamp.  If you’re a social media professional, you should know better, and I’m sure your clients don’t need to know that either.

What purpose does checking into places like these add besides making me feel better about my life?  The line between sharing over-sharing has always existed online; we now can find out where your kinky fancy strikes.

Given these incidents, here is my rule for FourSquare:  If I can tell Mom I went there without feeling embarrassed, I will check in there.

Let’s all try and follow that rule.  Don’t disappoint my Mom, and stop creeping me out.