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What to Blog When You’re Out of Ideas

What to Blog When You’re Out of Ideas

I’m having a terrible time writing a post for today.  The whole idea behind cutting back on posting was so I can give my ideas a little more time to breathe, and here I am without a single good idea to write about.

So, I’m going to write about what to do when you have nothing to write about. Here are some topics that never get old to write about.  Use them when nothing else works.

  • Crazy Pet stories - Most of us own some pet in out lifetime, whether it’s a dog, cat, or poison dart frog.  Write about how your animal is better, worse, or funnier.  People will come if for nothing else than the cute photos.
  • Social Media Strategy - Everyone either has one or doesn’t, and it’s a great buzz term with absolutely no meaning.
  • Crazy E-mails - I get weird e-mails all the time.  I wish I could share them all without alienating my readers with legitimate questions.  But when someone includes this emoticon ( :) ~ ) in the first sentence, you know it’s going to be terrible in a good way.

What kinds of things do you blog about when you’re brain runs dry?  Do you wait to blog until you have a good idea, or do you churn something out?  I want to know what you do.

Oh, and here’s an obligatory adorable cat photo.

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Crush It! An Anti-Social Media Review So, I finally finished…

Crush It! An Anti-Social Media Review

So, I finally finished reading CRUSH IT by Gary Vaynerchuck.  Color me unimpressed overall.  I thought it had some great advice for social media newbies.  I’d definately pass it on to anyone thinking about starting up in social media and build a personal brand, but for the social media professionals and the rest of the world, I don’t think you’re going to cash in on your passion.

Gary says that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and I totally agree, but I think there is more money to be made actually doing things rather than just talking about them online.  Prove to me you’re good through action, rather than online comments.  If you can do both, even better.

Also, Gary suggests cutting down on sleep to be the best you can at social media.  His argument is that you can use the late night hours to connect, comment and make content.  That might work for some people, but I need rest. I’m most competent, active, and witty after a good night’s sleep, and I make my best posts (with the least typos) after seven hours of sleep.

Have you read Crush It?  I want to know what you think about it.  Do you plan to make boat loads of money through your personal brand?

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Sometimes you have to let a connection go.  They might start…

Sometimes you have to let a connection go.  They might start dragging you down with crazy remarks.  They could fill your feed with a bunch of crazy crap that barely interests you.   They could just be boring.  Whatever the reason, it’s ok to drop them.

This is why I think my cat Chibi would be better at online relationships than most of us. When she wants to be adorable and wants to have fun, she lets me know.  When she needs something from me, she lets me know that too (occasionally by pooping on the rug). And when she isn’t interested in me or anything, when she leaves me alone and doesn’t bother me.

If she was on Twitter, she’d be the perfect person to follow, and having her follow you would be an honor.  She’d only tweet relevant stuff, like how to be cute or what bugs she ate that day and which tasted the best.  She’d only follow the things that interested her, and as soon as they stopped interesting her she’d drop them.

And if they tried to hang on too long, well, you can see what would happen…

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